Manhattan Community Boathouse is a nonprofit organization that provides free kayaking
in New York City.


All of our programming is funded by donations, staffed by volunteers, and offered free of charge.


All participants must sign a liability waiver and know how to swim. All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who can sign their waiver. Paddlers under the age of 16 must also share a boat with an adult. 


Each summer we teach free classes in paddling skills and safety techniques. These classes been developed with beginners in mind, but are appropriate for kayakers of all skill levels. Each session includes instruction on the pier followed by practice time on the water. Classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot accept reservations or pre-registration.

Forward Stroke: Paddling Efficiently and Improving Your Form

Turns: Techniques for Maneuvering Your Kayak

Rescues: A Step-by-Step Guide for Recovery After a Capsize

Walk-Up Kayaking

We offer free kayaking on first-come, first-served basis. We cannot accept reservations and there is no pre-registration required. 

Paddling with us is suitable for people of all ages and athletic abilities, and we ask everyone to limit their time on the water to 20 minutes if there are others waiting for a turn. 

You will get wet in our boats, so be sure to dress accordingly. We have lockers for any items you would like to keep dry, and changing rooms at Pier 96.

Hours of Operation

Please allow time for waiting in line when planning your visit. We cannot guarantee that you will have a chance to kayak if you arrive less than an hour before we close. We launch the last boat of the day 15 minutes before the program closes for the evening.

Follow KayakMCBH on Twitter for notification of unscheduled closings:


Pier 96

at 56th Street in Hudson River Park

Saturday-Sunday: 10am–6pm
May 26th - October 7th

Monday-Wednesday: 5:30pm–7:30pm
June 4th - August 29th

Thursday-Friday: Closed

72nd Street

north of Pier i Cafe in Riverside Park

Closed for Repairs

Volunteering is Easy and Fun!

If you’d like to help run our free kayaking program just fill out the form below and join us at our next orientation session!

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